Kids Electric Shock Toy
Kids Electric Shock Toy
Kids Electric Shock Toy

Kids Electric Shock Toy

Rs.1,350.00 Rs.1,750.00
  • Focus ability and hone willpower, patience, and concentration training improve children's ability to eliminate interference and overcome inner anxiety.
  • Strengthening stress resistance, experiencing tension, cultivating children's good mentality in a stressful environment, and calm thinking will enable children to quickly recover and calmly cope with severe stress or danger.
  • Understand in a second. The handle does not touch the wire, and the game is unlimited, as long as it passes smoothly.
  • Friends decide the winner. You can also buy two mazes and start at the same time, and compare it to see who gets through first.
  • With 3 AG10 batteries as a power supply, the human body will not have any sense of current, and it is very safe.
  • Perfect for testing mental skills and challenging your children's patience.
  • Be brave to challenge, resist frustration, strengthen frustration education, improve children's mental toughness, learn to resolve problems, face difficulties, persist and overcome difficulties.