Bouncing Ball Game
Bouncing Ball Game
Bouncing Ball Game
Bouncing Ball Game

Bouncing Ball Game

Rs.1,850.00 Rs.2,200.00

What you get:

  • One game grid
  • Two moving leg stand
  • Collapsible grid folds into a storage case
  • Balls come in green and red
  • Open dimensions: 8" x 9" x 5"

Set is for 2 players and includes parts to assemble the grid, plus green and red balls, play at the same time and from a distance for a competitive fast paced game

  • CLASSIC SPIN: Bounce 4 in a row, enjoy this oldie game with a twist. Instead of discs, the game pieces are colored balls and they must be bounced in! You can also play the board game the original way.
  • AIM AND GO: Get ready for an exciting competition game; each player tries to be the first to line up 4 balls of their color to win, but it's up to the strength of the shot and aim to determine the win.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: This tabletop game conveniently folds into a secure storage case with the ball pieces in it, for easy clean up and makes it suitable to bring it on trips or any adventure.
  • 2 PLAYERS: Bounce 4 in a row encourages a "practice makes you better" mindset, by playing head-to-head with a second player, your kids will experience to lose and win, which is helpful for their development.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made from sturdy materials, providing a durable set of a fun board game for children to play with, helps develop their aim and coordination skills and explore competitiveness.